Hot Pants, Cold Feet Planning a wedding one disaster at a time

New RSVP video from Guy Branum!

Is inviting a gay Guy to your wedding a little like inviting a black guy to lunch at a segregated diner? Awkward!

New RSVP Video from Tom Christensen!

Tom Christensen will be the most famous person at the wedding... according to Tom Christensen.

New RSVP video from BJ Gallagher!

BJ Gallagher is a good sport for sending in a video RSVP... especially since he thinks it's such a stupid idea!

New RSVP video from Tom McGreevy

Tom McGreevy is coming to the wedding... if he can get past the Lich King!

New RSVP video from Joel Rubin

Joel Rubin is coming to the wedding... as a protest.

New video RSVP from Jake Weisman

Check out the new video RSVP from Jake Weisman!