Hot Pants, Cold Feet Planning a wedding one disaster at a time

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Thanks for coming to our wedding! Sign the Guest Book, so Stacey will know how many thank you cards she has to write.

And if you have any funny wedding stories of your own, post them here!

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  1. Now I know how you two really met!! And to think that now your father and I have to pay for this! What, for crying out loud, will our grandchildren be like? All I can say on your wedding day — I hope you break a leg!!!

  2. As your wedding director, I would just like to say… you are driving me bat shit insane. Get your act together or I walk. All my love, LeeLee

  3. From the steppes of North Dakota:
    I note with interest the elegant comments of your wedding director. Honestly? She should talk: if being driven bat shit insane was reason enough to walk Leonora would have been raised by the N.D. Liquor Retailers Association, not me.

    But I digress: I just want to assure your mother that her grandchildren should do fine – as long as those AA meetings still have child care.

  4. Please excuse kath. I assume she meant from the Steps (as in 12 steps). She often misuses language and as you can see, she does reference the liqour business.

    I am only too sorry that you have gotten messed up with these people Stacey. Kath is quite negative and as you see it has filtered down into the next generation.

    I wish you sunshine and happiness as I look at the world in the most positive light at all times.

    No thank you required

  5. MATT:

    As your parole officer, you can bet your sweet ass I’ll be there. I’ll be watching EVERY move you make. You’re still a hero to some but to me you’re just an ex-con with an attitude.

    Don’t forget, MY EYES ARE ON YOU!!!!

  6. Matt Sweetie:

    We’ll never forget the little Peter Pan pretending to fly, Fly Matt, fly.

    Don’t for get to have tequila at the reception!

    Love Auntie Myrtle

  7. Hi kids! Gosh, we really can’t wait to witness this official ring-exchange thing, we’re like, so stoked. I have to admit, at first we were a little nervous this would mean no more Playful Encounters rendezvous in NoHo – but I think we can all agree that a marriage license would never detour the truths of our human nature. Not even you two! I mean, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, right! There’s just one thing we’ve noticed that brings up this concern; It seems you’ve both been off for a while now; I’m guessing you’re both a little too busy with wedding plans to make new friends….? Wedding planning is quite stressful and we really think it may do you both some good to get your account back online. Just a friendly thought :) See you next Thursday at the Meet N Greet!

    xoxo A+A

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