Hot Pants, Cold Feet Planning a wedding one disaster at a time

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Stacey Smith is a budding real estate mogul! She received her license in 2005 and has been leasing commercial property ever since. Currently, she handles all of the kiosk space at the Morningside mall in Glendale. Her dream is to one day own her own real estate investment firm that specializes in developing Third World commercial spaces. Stacey’s hobbies include: competitive kickball, karaoke (Guns ‘n’ Roses or Beyonce), and partying like a Steampunk goddess. What Stacey likes most about Matt is the way he really listens, even if he’s not looking at her while she talks. If she could compete in any Olympic event it would be ribbon dancing. What Stacey most looks forward to about married life is cuddling up on the couch, couples counseling, and not dying alone.


Matt Williamson teaches Social Studies at Kennedy High School. His favorite units are “Presbyterian Mythology,” “Falkland, Defend Your Isle!,” and “The Immigrant Experience: From Sitting Bull to Lou Dobbs”. Matt spends his summers working on an unauthorized biography of Joseph Campbell. He hopes to finish next summer! Before meeting Stacey, Matt was seriously dating a woman whose name he has been advised not to state here. Actually, Matt thought he was going to marry her! Long story short, they tried a threesome, it went bad, he wanted to get married, she wanted to explore “multiple orgasms,” they broke up, and she married her next boyfriend. But, it all worked out for Matt in the end because he met Stacey, the current girl of his dreams. What Matt most looks forward to about married life is Sunday night dinners, children, and monogamy.